xyWords is a cross-word anagrams game where the object is to use letters in the wheel and find words on the board.
There are hidden bonus words (bag words) which provide an additional challenge.
Written in Quickbasic 4.5 and targeted for MS-DOS based PC's (but should run happily in DOSBOX)

I have released a CGA version and a new Text-Mode version

xyWords (CGA)

v1.0.3 - Released 1st May 2023
Minimum requirements, 8088 @ 4.77mhz, 384KB RAM, MS-DOS 2.11+ and CGA Graphics.

Youtube clip of the game in action


xyWords Full Distribution - https://4am.org/xywords/xywords.zip
Comes with Full User Manual, Puzzle Editor (xyPE) and an assortment of background pictures.
Should be run from a hard disk.

xyPico https://4am.org/xywords/xypico.zip 
Small version for run off a floppy disk. No user manual, no editor and only a couple of background pictures.

Special 2.5MB floppy version for GOTEK enabled PC's that can only use 360KB disks - Http://4am.org/xywords/xymini.zip

xyWords (Text-Mode)

v1.0.0 - Released 1st December 2023
Minimum requirements, 8088 @ 4.77mhz, 256KB RAM, MS-DOS 2.11+

xyWords: -Text Mode Edition Https://4am.org/xywords/xymda.zip
Comes with the same puzzles and collections as the original version.
Designed to run on text-mode displays like the original Monochrome (MDA).
Uses less RAM, can run from a single 360KB floppy disk.

Includes all puzzles and ASCII art (see user manual and GRAPHICS.DAT for credit info)
Supports multiple player profiles and a nifty Stats & Records mode
Does not include any puzzle editor (yet).

Includes Quickbasic 4.5 source - poorly commented, sorry.. 
You can also view the source on github